following up on my last email from last week


How are things going for you?
Have you gotten the introduction to the little quadcopter that we sent you last week?

The quadcopter can fly continuously for 30 minutes while recording video at a frame rate of 25 frames per second.
45x40x12cm product dimensions (before folding) 21x11x9cm (after folding)
Dual-mode GPS positioning is provided by the positioning system. Model number for a brushless motor is 1806.
Remote control range: around 3000m
The height of the remote control is approximately 120 meters.
1-3 meters for shooting gesture recognition Aerial image resolution: 4096 x 3072 (APP)
Video resolution: 2048 x 1080 (APP)
Transmission frame rate: 25 frames per second
With the click of a button, you may command the aircraft to take off, land, and even return to its original location.
When summoned, the quadcopter will return to its original spot.
Fixed-point surround: With this professional quadcopter, you can now create breathtaking films without doing any extra work.

The following are the prices for various quantities:
1 unit: 235.90
2-10 units 225.90 each
11-20 units: 215.90 each

Would you like to purchase one or two of these?
Please let us know your address, and we will contact the logistics department on your behalf to make the necessary arrangements.

When you walk through your front door, the electricity is either completely switched off or you receive a notification that it has been turned off.
This camera also includes a virtual reality mode, the ability to swap between lenses, a video/picture panorama, and a video/picture panorama.
There are also MV (return to home screen with a single button), headless, photo/video gestures, and front lens adjustment modes. Each of these modes has unique capabilities.
The GPS and air pressure combination used in the fixed-altitude flight system is effectively a mixture of the two technologies.
Wind resistance is rated 8 and measured in meters per second.

Jason Spike


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